ThoughtWave Direct LLC is looking for a technical co-founder with sales experience.  The company is bootstrapping itself without funding.  However, this may change.

The ideal person for this is willing to start out working for both commission, plus a respectable, negotiable ownership stake in the company.  You'll be able to do this 100% remote.

You'll be selling both bare metal servers with a monthly subscription as well as higher end cloud services that range from $995 a month to $3000 a month.  Your monthly mailbox money from each of these would range between $300 and $900/month.  Ideally, you'll sell more of the managed high end cloud services.

The company has portable IP address space and is already present in a data center with multiple BGP uplinks and ready to service customers today.  We can easily scale horizontally.  This distinguishes us from a lot of other companies who have to get their IP space from their upstream providers and are limited on where they can locate their gear.

What makes the company different is the simplicity of customer offerings coupled with personal attention and the experience of the founding team, which includes Linux, Networks, Programming, as well as what you'll bring to the table.

The founder, Jonathan Kalbfeld, has 27 years of experience in the technology industry and an MBA in finance, and intricate understanding of the ISP and data center business as well as finance.

Must Haves:

  1. Technical understanding of the data center and private cloud business
  2. Ability to discuss offerings and close deals with customers.
  3. Ability to track customer needs and identify additional solutions
  4. Ability to generate leads.
  5. Be located here in the US and are able to work
  6. Experience interacting with customers.
  7. Pass a background check
  8. References.  Three references.  

Nice to have:

Experience managing data centers.  If you have technical skills, you can also help with configuration details.


20-30% ownership in the LLC as a member manager, and commissions on every single sale.  In addition, once we've got a sizable customer base, you'll be able to take a salary and build your team.  

If you fit all of the above and would like to talk more, please apply at LinkedIn