Cloud providers charge you an arm and a leg to run virtual machines on their infrastructure.  Sure, you can provision it and pay by the hour, but let's face it – very few businesses can estimate their cloud usage by the hour, and no matter how much you say you're going to monitor and police your cloud usage, as your business grows, wouldn't you rather spend time building your applications and customer base and not nickel-and-diming your developers and IT staff trying to stay within budget?

Small16GB (4 cores / 8 vCPUs)1x256GB SSD$89$01 + IPMI
Medium48GB2 x L5640 (12 cores / 24 vCPUs)2x256GB SSD$129$02 + IPMI
Large64GB2 x L5640 (12 cores / 24 vCPUs)2x480GB SSD$179$04 + IPMI
X-Large96GB2 x E5645 (12 cores / 24 vCPUs)2x1TB SSD$399$0/28 (12 usable IPs + IPMI)